End-to-End Cloud-based Platform for Supply Chain Planning






  • AI/ML Demand Forecasting Engine
  • Management by Exception
  • Blended Multiple Statistical Models
  • Time Series and Trend Analysis
  • Automatic Detection of Optimal Forecast Generation Levels
  • Seasonality/Cyclicality Detection
  • What-if Scenario Analysis
  • Top-Down, Bottom-Up, Middle-Out Planning
  • Events, Promotions, and Causal Factors Planning & Analysis
  • Categorize your Demand as Smooth, Slow, Erratic, and Lumpy


  • Get accurate Purchase Order recommendations
  • Up-to-date inventory balances and positions
  • Safety Stock Calculations - 4 seeded methods plus custom calculations
  • EOQ, MOQ, Min/Max Planning, Container Loading
  • Balance Inventory across Warehouses with Distributed Planning
  • Identify Excess, Overstock, Shortages, and Dead Inventory
  • ABC Classification



  • Percentage On-time Delivery
  • Forecast Accuracy
  • Order Cycle Time
  • Production Plan Adherence
  • Capacity Plan vs Utilization
  • Inventory Turnover Rate
  • Weeks on Hand; Weeks of Supply
  • Stock to Sales Ratio
  • Sell-through Rate
  • Backorder Rate
  • Out-of-Stock Rate
  • Lost Sales
  • Sales vs. Inventory Ratio



  • A single platform to capture future demand intelligence from all demand constituents
  • Arrive at a one-number consensus forecast for the entire organization
  • Eliminate disparate spreadsheets that typically get passed around the organization
  • Improve overall planning accuracy by holding departments accountable
  • Use system generated Constrained Plan Exceptions to proactively address supply issues
  • Use the Constrained Plan to calculate actual Revenue, Profit, and Margins
  • Document the identified risks and opportunities in an S&OP scorecard
  • Reconcile production, inventory, safety stock, and rough-cut capacity plans with the sales plan and financial goals
  • Make sound and timely capacity, resource, CapEx, and inventory decisions



Financial Plans are a critical part of the Sales & Operations Planning process. If you currently use spreadsheets for revenue planning, we can help you migrate your plans to the Causometrix platform.

  • Leverage Causometrix planning hierarchies and data allocation techniques to create top-down revenue / operating plans, and budgets
  • Plan in units and/or dollars 
  • Perform costing, pricing, revenue, and profit simulations and what-if-scenario analysis
  • Completely automated, workflow driven process
  • Scheduled workflow publishes the plans in units and dollars at the end of the current fiscal year for the upcoming year
  • Workflows scheduled to run every quarter publish the updated plans that reflect actuals from past periods and forecasts for the remainder of the current fiscal year
  • Continually track demand and supply against the financial goals and budgets

Supply Chain Consulting

Causometrix is so much more than just a software vendor. The founding partners have spent decades partnering with customers through their supply chain transformation journeys. Starting with understanding and formulating the supply chain strategy, implementing the required organizational structure, aligning strategic, tactical, and operational KPIs using SMART performance metrics and implementing the right technical solutions to achieve the company's financial objectives. The Causometrix team strives to partner with customers for the long run and become their Trusted Advisors.

The Causometrix cloud-based Supply Chain Planning platform is a culmination of all the tried-and-tested solutions implemented over the years with the sole objective of solving actual problems in the most effective ways possible.

Custom Business Applications Design & Development

Besides transforming your supply chain and implementing planning solutions that meet ALL your business needs, Causometrix also specializes in the design and development of custom business applications.

Causometrix Software Development Methodology

  1. Business Process Reengineering: will make you think of "why" you do things they way you do things and will help you redesign your processes for optimal efficiency
  2. Scope Definition includes high-level project plans, schedules, cost estimates, and resource planning. We will select the technology stack best suited to your business needs.
  3. Business requirements get translated to a High Level Design (HLD) that provides brief descriptions of the system design, architecture, platforms, services, data flows and structures
  4. Design & Prototyping: design documents, mockups and prototypes will give you a good idea of what to expect in terms of process, data flow and functionality
  5. Pick the Waterfall or Agile software development methodology based on your business needs. Waterfall is the traditional approach whereas Agile will allow the requirements and solutions to evolve as you step closer to the desired state (respecting budgets and timelines)
  6. After exhaustive testing from an integration, functionality, performance, code quality, and security standpoint, the application will be promoted to a production environment with detailed documentation and knowledge transfer
  7. We also provide hosting, maintenance, upgrades and support services if required

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