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Investing in inventory that is outdated or otherwise in little demand can result in huge losses for wholesalers. At the same time, not having enough of the right products can be just as devastating. To be successful, wholesalers need to carry the right products at the right warehouse locations and understand the demographics and economics of each region. Even if the organization is willing to spend large amounts of money to procure such information it lacks the resources that can dig into the data and draw inferences that can drive management decisions.
Causometrix SaaS can not only help dig deeper into the data to understand more but also research markets to deliver the right information. Our BI tool and advanced analytical engine can crunch the numbers at the click of a button and transform your data into valuable information you can act upon instantly.




Accurate demand forecasting is critical to manufacturers. Especially for products with long lead teams, inaccurate demand estimates result in over or under production which in most cases result in serious losses. Advanced analytical tools from Causometrix can be leveraged by manufacturers to forecast different demand streams such as Point-of-Sale (POS), sales orders, shipments, and returns and incorporate a lot more external indicators than before into their forecasting process. Causometrix makes it possible for manufacturers to get in sync with their value chain partners including suppliers, wholesalers and retailers. Through this integration and collaboration, manufacturers can gain visibility to the overall demand picture and reduce inventory costs for the entire value chain.




Economic factors such as job growth, interest rates, personal income, population growth and consumer confidence greatly affect the retail sector. With limited shelf space and an ever-growing number of product offerings, the right product mix is critical. Retailers must be able to incorporate external and internal influences into their demand forecasting process. Retailers need to understand demand at various dimensions of product and location hierarchies and the impact of events and promotions. They need to have the ability to aggregate and disaggregate demand and manage their forecast in a quick and seamless manner. Causometrix SaaS makes all of this possible through its cutting-edge business intelligence web application and statistical forecasting engine that is adept at learning the impact of external and internal factors on demand and projecting it into the forecast.




Book publishing today is a tough business. Causometrix SaaS offers unique methods to accurately plan for new titles, and net POS, shipment and returns forecasts to arrive at a realistic picture of future demand. This can lower inventory carrying costs and reduce losses due to returns.
Causometrix tools can provide ways to tailor demand, supply and print processes for smarter planning as well as provide accurate forecasts that help you work with customers on future orders and come to an agreement on a realistic future demand picture.



 To maintain high service levels, most organizations simply carry a lot of parts even though the majority of this inventory may not get used often — with some parts having product life cycles as high as 10 to 15 years.
Causometrix SaaS can provide break through statistical techniques to forecast intermittent demand. Exception based reporting methods help hone in and identify anomalies in demand and forecasts based on your business rules. You only focus on those part/location combinations that actually require your attention. This makes demand forecasting more manageable in an industry where a hundred thousand part/location combinations are common.

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