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Proprietary cloud-based SaaS Solutions.


Causometrix’s state-of-the-art SaaS cloud-computing technologies are based on our proprietary analytical engine and web-based BI tool. It delivers the speed and power needed for fast, accurate forecasting using multiple statistical models plus trend analysis. In addition, it offers the automatic detection of optimal forecast generation levels, seasonality detection and casual factor analysis.
With the fast, accurate and seamless integration of your data via our built-in API, you get the answers you need in a way that’s easy to use. Our highly intuitive interface offers fast, smooth drag and drop capabilities and we can easily add more custom solutions at any time, when you need them.


Cloud-based computing means increased capacity with more capabilities at a more affordable cost.


Because there is no hardware or software to purchase, there is no need to install, configure, test, run, secure or update anything. Your costs go down because you pay as you go, based on demand. Best of all, our services can be installed in as little as a few hours. Upgrades are automatic and it’s easy to scale up or down when needed. And, employees can have access to information anywhere they have an Internet connection.




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Ten reasons why SaaS cloud
computing is better


No. Requirements Licensed Software SaaS-Based
1 Software Licensing Costs Required Not Required
2 Software Implementation Consulting Costs Required Not Required
3 Time to Implement 6 to 36 months 1 to 4 weeks
4 Hardware Investments Required Not Required
5 IT Maintenance Costs Requires Internal Resources Included
6 Analytical Resources Costs Requires Internal Resources Optional
7 Annual Software Fees Requires Included
8 Software and Hardware Upgrades Fees Required Included
9 On-going customizations/upgrades Requires Internal Resources Minimal
10 Free Trial No Yes

What you need without a major investment of time or money


Causometrix SaaS provides the analytical resources you need without any major commitment of time or money.To prove it, we can get you set up for a free trial in less than a few hours with no hardware, licensing or implementation costs. All on-going maintenance, fees and upgrades are included in the subscription.



Causometrix’s analytical engine uses Bayesian techniques instead of best fit forecasting.

  • By using a Bayesian blend of multiple statistical models, we mitigate the risk of over-fitting while improving your average forecast accuracy across all products.
  • In certain cases, the best fit approach may generate the highest accuracy when generating a fit forecast for past periods. But, it poses a risk of over fitting because the probability of the exact same pattern reoccurring in the future is extremely low.


Our engine analyzes historical data to identify trends in demand growth and decline. It then projects this into the future to forecast demand. By setting no limits on the amount of data that you can upload to our system, our analytical engine is better able to understand your business.




Seasonality and cyclicality pose unique challenges to businesses. Causometrix tools can provide you insights into how to better plan for these fluctuations. Our engine applies advanced mathematical and statistical models to detect and measure the seasonality and cyclicality in your demand patterns.


We do top-down or bottom-up forecasting based on what makes the most sense for the product/location being forecasted. Because some products sell frequently and some sell only a few times a year, our engine identifies the product and location levels that make most sense to generate a forecast based on past demand.




Causal factors are external influences that cause your demand to deviate from the norm. If you have identified external factors that are correlated to your product demand, our engine can incorporate them in the demand forecasting process.

  • We have the expertise to research your business and/or industry, and conduct causal factor correlation analysis to identify the factors that are truly correlated to your demand.
  • Causal factors, if chosen correctly, can be a huge help in better describing your demand history and therefore improving the quality of the forecast.


Causometrix tools let you perform what-if scenarios analysis to model hypothetical business situations. With just a few clicks, you will be able to act upon business opportunities and prevent losses based on the information provided by the forecasting engine.


Find out how Causometrix can tailor a solution to help your business grow

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